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Que Buena Causa!

Que Buena Causa

Duration Tour: 8:30 am to 2:30 pm 
Schedule: Monday to Friday

This tour offers a down-home mix of experiences: a bustling market, a ceramic painting class, a collective kitchen for the poor and a taste of real Peruvian food. It’s a tribute to an aspect of Peruvian cooking most foreigners never get to see: hearty, humble dishes full of love and flavor.

We begin the day bringing gifts of fruits for the cooks and diners at the “comedor popular” (soup kitchen)— humble spots where working-class Peruvians can get good lunches at an economic price. Here we’ll meet with a group of local women who run a volunteer kitchen that serves more than a 100 meals daily for some of the city’s poorest residents. We will help them in the preparation of the daily “menú” (lunch menu), hear the inspiring stories of their lives, and join them for lunch. Then we’ll visit the workshop of our friend Emiliano, a recognized artisan, who will show us his beautiful art and teach us how to paint ceramics you’ll take home as souvenirs.

Afterwards, we’ll pay a visit to a bustling local market to learn all about Peruvian ingredients — such as quinua, native potatoes — and even sample the latest seasonal fruits and vegetables . Next we’ll visit Villa el Salvador district, which is considered a symbol of the growing of Lima. Built in the middle of a desert by its people. It is in fact one of the biggest squatter settlements in the world, a largely self organized area in which immigrants from the more isolated areas of Peru worked together to make the district what it is today. Your visit contributs to the community

 In our culinary tours we use local restaurants known for their delicious taste and care of their food, our culinary stops are 100% off-tourist track.
Our tour guides are knowledgeable and passionate about Lima history and its culinary escene that will make your tour an unique experience.

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