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In your visit to the local markets (especially in Lima) you will put your 5 senses to test,  get to know Perú as a local one and above all, to experience tasty treats and knowledge that you will not acquire anywhere else.
However, to start with this display of flavors, colors and culinary adventures  you must know the characters of this market, those that will be an important part of your visit, making you live a unique experience where you will be the protagonist …

Delicious Olives Stand – Andrea León «Miss Olive»

The best olives in Peru are offered by our beloved Andrea León . She was born in Moquegua (South coast of Peru). Her family always dedicated to the olives’ business, that’s where her passion for this product was born. She has been selling the best varieties of olives from the South Coast of Peru for the last 33 years. Thanks to this job, Andrea has raised and educated her two sons, of whom she is very proud.

Andrea is happy seeing her clients leaving with a bag full of olives and a big smile in their faces.

Favorite peruvian dish: Cau Cau de Mondongo (cow’s tripe stew seasoned with turmeric)

The Shaman – Pablo Esteban «El Chamán»

Pablo Esteban, better known as The Shaman, is the best doctor of Medicinal Herbs in the market. Pablo was born in Lima; He is the father of three children and has been working for 21 years advising different treatments based on medicinal herbs- this type of science which is the first curative option for many Peruvians since ancient times.

Pablo inherited this wise healing art from his parents who instilled in him from a young age. He is always providing the best of natural medicine, its powerful and efficient recipes are a relief and blessing for those who use them. One of the things that this wise man enjoys the most is to be able to offer a natural and traditional alternative medicine to cure various ills.

When you arrive at the market do not forget to visit him! The first medical consultation is free.

Favorite Peruvian Dish: Pesto pasta with a big steak on top.

Fisherman- «Carlos Oscar»

If we talk about the Pacific ocean and its variety of sea products, Carlos is one of the best on the subject. He was born in Barrios Altos (traditional district of Lima), from a very young age he works in the market providing to his clients the best of his ware . Carlos is  always in contact with the public, highlighting his products that are a show in sight.

His 25 years as a market vendor  gave him the experience and knowledge necessary to perform an excellent job and above all to know hundreds of marine species that reach his hands, he knows well fish and seafood recipes for every dish that he loves to share , so he is the favorite of amateur chefs. If he wouldn’t be a vendor in the market,  he says that he would’ve loved to be a lawyer.

Visit Carlos and train your visual memory when trying to name and recognize the different marine species exhibited for the day’s wares.

Favorite Peruvian dish: peruvian-style rice with duck.

Butcher Guy – «Beto»

A truly character of the market is Beto who shows and allows us to get the best of the select variety of meats that you can find in his stand to prepare delicious Peruvian creole dishes. Born in Cuzco (the capital of the Inca culture), Beto is 43 years old which 15 has dedicated to his work as a butcher. He always receives his clients with a big smile and attentive to any doubt or query. Do not be fooled by the bloody scenario where he works, Beto is a very friendly person, graphic designer by profession.Beto has two kids that he spends most of his free time.

In honor of the beautiful city where he was born,

Beto’s favorite dish is guinea pig with Huacatay (andean herb) and roasted potatoes.

Poultry vendor – «Alexander»

While touring the market you will notice a peculiar position that shows chickens and ducks ready for sale. Alex is 38 years old originally from Lima who sells poultry products every day. This business is profitable since Peru, as the largest consumers of chicken in Latin America.. At the same time, Alex will adapt to his clients’ budget offering special sales of his products, for example, the option of giblets (livers, necks,feet )are the most recommended to prepare delicious soups.

His favorite dish on the contrary to his products does not include birds, is the tasty ceviche with fish and fresh seafood.

Potatoes Queen- «Josefina»

Josefina, native from Casma (northern Andes).  She is our lovely lady of the vegetables, who’ll  show us some native peruvian herbs and many of the countless variety of potatoes. Josefina is 54 years old, which 20 are dedicated to sell these products that enhance our cuisine. One of the things she enjoys the most is the work environment. She considers her co-workers as family who share the same mission of providing an optimal service to local clients. She likes to travel and would love to visit more of Peru. Among her favorite hobbies are watching soap operas.

Her favorite peruvian dish is lomo saltado (stir fried beef), but she says that no one prepares it as tasty as she does.

Medicinal herbs drinks/ the market bartender – Francisco «Panchito»


Breakfast for Peruvians is not only the most important meal of the day, it is also the best opportunity to recharge energies and our infallible stand is from our beloved Emolientero Panchito.He makes Emoliente (medicinal herbs drink) In our Que rico Tour, it will be the first mandatory stop because nobody can miss this traditional breakfast. Panchito is from Huaraz (northern andes) , he is 56 years old and has three children. Since the last 20 years Panchito wakes up every day at 3 am, preparing drinks using extracts of medicinal herbs, flaxseed, barley, etc. You can find Emoliente Stands all over Peru, but any like the ones that Panchito prepares . In his spare time he likes to walk on the beach.

His favorite dish is Cuy Chactado ( fried guinea pig with potatoes and corn) .

Thank you very much Panchito for your delicious emoliente!

Chifa products (peruvian-chinese food) – Juana Mariluz «La Doña»


One of the main things that makes our gastronomy amazing is the rich mix of cultures immersed in one main  purpose; the gastronomy.

Limeña by  heart, born in the district of Surco, Juana is 65 years old and mother of 3 children knows a lot about the  asian influence in Peru that is found in the market as well.

Juana feels proud of working for 49 years, most of her life dedicated to offer the fresher and seasonable veggies to prepare Chifa (peruvian chinese food) Chaufa, noodles Sautéed, tallarin saltado are some of the mind-blowing  oriental-peruvian dishes.

Her favorite dish is ceviche and rice with prawns.

Deep fried pork sandwich – Maria Palomino  «Doña Mary»


The flavors of all the regions of our country are amazing, but in Doña Mary’s stand highland tasty products will blow your mind. Tasty deep fried pork, Patascas are just some of the flagship products of the Peruvian highlands and who better than Maria Palomino, our Doña Mary to give us a bite of such delicious foods.

Doña Mary is famous in our gastronomy. Better known as the Queen of the Chicharrón,her culinary contribution has been recognized nationally by famous chefs such as Gaston Acurio, among others.

Thank you, Doña Mary, for loving your work as much as we love the Chicharrón!

Amazonian food – Victoria Portillo Delgado «La Charapa»


From the jungle their food. In Peru there are two main gastronomic trends: those proposed by chefs and those chosen by foodies and amazonian food  is loved by both. To enjoy it, there is no better place than Victoria’s stand. ‘La Charapa’ from Ucayali, a department located in our beautiful Amazon, has been a chef in this market for more than 38 years. She feels lucky to have her own restaurant because brings her a lot of joy when her clients congratulate her and are satisfied in her every day life . She spends her free time with  family and her dog.

Favourite peruvian dish: Tacacho con cecina (smoked fried pork with smashed plantains)

Chop chop veggie ninja – «Inés Mollano»


A vegetable stand that is promoted on its own, from its unique colors, different presentations, the products exhibited in this stand  are ready to reach the Peruvian kitchens and Inés is ready to help us in what we need to buy.  Inés begins her mornings by filling her stand with the best vegetables and products that often bail out improvised chefs who are looking to carry out a typical Peruvian recipe «to cheat the stomach»; tasty, easy and healthy to enjoy.

From its variety of chopped vegetables to make  tasty recipes  to herbs that aromatize several dishes, this 68-year-old lady from Huanuco tells us how much she enjoys having her stand  always surrounded by the best products. However, when she is not chopping in her free time, she enjoy walks with friends and family.

Favorite peruvian dish: Guinea pig in all its variations!