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In 2013, Lima Tasty Tours was born with a clear objective: to share with travelers from all over the world the incredible diversity of Peruvian food. In the beginning, we were a small team of foodies, but over time, the Lima Tasty Tours family has grown, now we are a great team of tourism professionals who share the same passion for Peruvian gastronomy and together we are constantly updating, re-inventing, and fine-tuning the tours to create the ultimate food & cultural journey that is current, historically accurate, and delivers some of the best bites around for our guests.

Since our first tour, we conquered food critics, journalists, and discerning palates of travelers from all over the world and every taste offered in our tours becomes a memorable moment. We are proud to say that we feel more Peruvian than ever and that we know every corner of our city like the back of our hand. After all, being born and raised in Peru gives us a special advantage in the gastronomic tours offered in Lima, this is why we can promise you a unique experience full of diverse flavors and stories that will exceed all your expectations in just one day.

For us, Lima Tasty Tours is much more than a business; it is a way to share our gastronomic history, traditions, and secrets that will make every bite an experience. We consider ourselves a family that loves, lives, and breathes the food and culture of Peru, as well as enjoys sharing all the culinary secrets that local markets, family restaurants, and local culture hold in the off-tourist tracks but favorite places of Peruvians.

So, dear travelers, get ready for an unforgettable culinary experience with us.

Lima Tasty Tours mission


Experience Peruvian culture, tradition, and history through food, savoring our Peruvian flavors. Our tasty tours shall be unique, unforgettable, and authentic. Passionately designed to awaken emotions in you foodies, our future Peruvian food ambassadors.

Lima Tasty Tours vision


We aim to transcend expectations by becoming a reference for culinary experiences in Peru, captivating global palates with our country’s diverse flavors. Driven to transform tourism culture by revolutionizing the way in which the identity of Peru is lived and experienced.

Lima Tasty Tours values


Our commitment to innovation, fun, and attention to detail stems from the values of our company and collaborators. We approach clients responsibly and respectfully, also cherishing relationships with farmers and vendors, who are essential for our experiences.


Lima Tasty Tours Expert local guides

Expert local guides

Passionate about Peru, our guides share culinary, cultural, and local insights. Their authenticity shines in our tasty tours, offering support throughout your Peru visit. Explore Lima with a guide who feels like a friend.

Lima Tasty Tours Traditional food

Traditional food

Our dishes are attentively selected. Immerse your senses in a culinary journey and enjoy unique, exclusive flavors found with Lima Tasty Tours. Our tours go beyond traditional dishes to include fruits, beverages, desserts, and more.

Lima Tasty Tours Memorable journeys

Memorable journeys

More than a food tour, we offer an authentic glimpse of Peru. From history and culture to local life, experience Lima like a friend, not just a tourist. You’re our cherished guests, and we’re dedicated to sharing Peru’s essence with you.

Lima Tasty Help local Businesses

Help local businesses

By joining our food tours, you will be supporting local market vendors and family restaurants. It also contributes to the creation of jobs, we also allow our community to be appreciated by visitors from all over the world.


Arturo Rojas, Founder, Lima Tasty Tours

Arturo Rojas


Peruvian Food Addiction: Deep fried pork sandwich

«Peru can conquer the world with a spoon» 

Multifaceted, passionate foodie, and deeply attracted by adventure since his first trip around the world. Arturo has dedicated a significant part of his life to discovering the best way to relish Peru and its precious gifts. He likes challenges because from them he has been able to build great things and great friendships. For him, the experience you should take away from Peru should be authentic and unforgettable but above all, very tasty.

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Sheyla Rojas, Operations Manager, Lima Tasty Tours

Sheyla Camacho

Operations Manager

Peruvian Food Addiction: Mashed Peruvian potato & juicy oven chicken

«Only one option is not among my options»

Curiosity is Sheyla’s gift, leading her on an adventure where there’s never just one answer or alternative. Fluent in four languages: English, French, Spanish, and Quechua (Peruvian native language). She adds a multilingual touch to every journey, making your experience more enriching. Concerned about details, she ensures you have a great time. A true professional in tourism and eager to explore the world.

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Ana Chacon, Tour Guide, Lima Tasty Tours

Ana Chacon

Tour Guide

Peruvian Food Addiction: Peruvian rice and duck

«Every corner of Peru has a story waiting to be told»

Guide by profession and expert thanks to her diverse experiences. Born in Lima, she seeks to continue sharing in English and Portuguese the rich virtues of Peru, especially its intriguing history. Ana is never satisfied with her knowledge; that’s why, beyond answering visitors’ questions, she will raise new ones, ensuring your tour becomes more engaging and enlightening. Her genuine and vibrant passion for stories and culture.

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Cecilia Tuesta, Tour Guide, Lima Tasty Tours

 Cecilia Tuesta

Tour Guide

Peruvian Food Addiction: Peruvian rotisserie chicken

«Everything is art, art is in everything»

Cecilia is determined and dedicated tour guide, ensuring your exceptional experience. Her passion is art history and tasty food. Specializing in a big part of Peru, she adapts to diverse Spanish, English, and French-speaking audiences, providing insightful stays despite challenges. Count on her unwavering support for unforgettable memories.

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Pablo Solorzano, Tour Guide, Lima Tasty Tours

Pablo Solorzano

Tour Guide

Peruvian Food Addiction: Peruvian stir fried beef

«Curiosity sparks creativity»

Book devourer by conviction and owner of curious facts. Pablo makes your doubts the protagonists. With a background in teaching, he makes every experience a valuable learning experience. Open to knowledge as a signature of his personal brand and thus provides increasingly better performance for the enjoyment of its visitors and delights with his coworkers.

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Marisol Machaca, Web Consultant, Lima Tasty Tours

Marisol Machaca

Web Consultant

Peruvian Food Addiction: Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken

«The only constant is this life is change»

Web and positioning strategist, Marisol is a trained systems engineer. She guides our online strategy and provides the best advice to develop our site efficiently, ensuring that each culinary experience is reflected in each section to share with you. A Peruvian who loves traditional food and is passionate about travel. She is from Cusco and she loves her city!

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