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abril 11, 2024

A truly magical experience, and a must for every Lima visitor! Marvel at the Magic Water Circuit in Lima, also known as the «Reserve Park». It is the second most visited place in Peru after Machu Picchu! Displays 13 distinct fountains. This park obtained the Guinness World Record for being the tallest fountain complex, for having the highest fountain, with a “geyser” reaching 260 feet (80 meters) in height. Keep reading & discover more about the best water park in South America!

Where is the Magic Water Circuit Located?

This Water Park in Lima is open from 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm. This is located right next to the National Stadium of Peru, in the Santa Beatriz urbanization. It’s 5 miles (8 km) away from Miraflores and 7 miles (11 km) away from Barranco, here’s the map. You can visit this park at night for the Multimedia show; It is one of the Highlights of the Magic Water Circuit Park. This show is at 07:15 pm, then at 08:15 pm, and the last one at 09:10 pm. To give you an idea about this water park in Lima, its area is 8 hectares, which means it covers 80,000 square meters or approximately 861,120 square feet.

Map of the Magic Water Circuit in Lima

Lima Magic Water Circuit Park History

This Reserve Park was inaugurated in 1929, in homage to the reservists who fought in defense of the city of Lima (1881); during the Pacific War between Chile and Peru (1879 – 1983). It has the status of a historical park, Monumental Urban Environment, and Peruvian Historical Heritage. Besides that, this park is the ultimate expression of the Art Deco style, a decorative trend from the 1920s; The Belle Époque characterized by geometric figures and zigzags. The park also presents a Neoclassical style that showcases the artistic reclamation of Andean and indigenous forms; It can be observed in the monuments and sculptures. Then re-inaugurated in July 2007, presents a blend of styles that creates a unique and captivating atmosphere. Visitors can admire not only the beauty of the fountains and sculptures but also the artistic fusion of different historical periods, and cultural influences.

Lima Magic Water Circuit Park History

How Many Water Fountains Are in the Magic Water Park?

With thirteen cybernetic fountains that use the latest technology, this place combines music, water, sound, and laser lights to create unique and incredible shows. Each with its charm and spectacularity. Among the most outstanding are:

1. Magic Fountain, Guinness World Record

Built on the original 1929 fountain with 8 restored small Sevillian fountains, accompanied by indigenous sculptures typical of the Art Deco style of that era. The magic of the fountain surprises us when, from the overflowing palm trees, the majestic geyser of over 260 feet (80 meters) in height suddenly emerges with impressive force projecting water into the sky. The water forms a large central dome resembling a fleur-de-lis. This is followed by a fascinating choreographic show accompanied by soft melodies for the delight of visitors. Obtained the Guinness World Record for being the tallest fountain!

Magic Fountain, Guinness World Record FOR BEING THE TALLEST ONE IN LIMA

2. Fantasy Fountain, Peru’s Cultural Richness Water Show

The Fantasy Fountain is a 394 feet (120-meter) long fountain with a hydraulic choreography that synchronizes the movement of water with music, color, images, and lights. Over a large water screen, 312 feet (95 meters) wide, majestic images of Peru, its dances, and other manifestations of its enormous cultural richness are projected. The laser show accompanies the multimedia spectacle, enriching it with fantastic figures that, when contrasted with the water, produce an attractive multicolor effect that fills the nights with excitement and fantasy.

Fantasy Fountain, Peru's Cultural Richness Water Show

3. River Wishes Fountain, Dreams Come True

It’s an interactive cybernetic fountain that unfolds over a 361 feet (110 meters) route, with 6 vertical, multicolored luminous jets resembling circular waterfalls, like pulverized explosions. Visitors are invited to make their wishes while appreciating the fountain and interacting with it. The hydraulic effects have been developed on the original 1929 fountain that surrounds the Inca house, evoking the indigenous expression that accompanies the Art Deco style of the same year that characterizes the Reserve Park.

Magic Water Fountain, called River Wishes

Water Magic Circuit Tour, Larco Museum & Peruvian Food

Discover the essence of the city with our LIMA FOOD & ART TOUR! Immerse yourself in ancient Peruvian cultures at the Larco Museum, where history comes to life through captivating art. Then, eat like a local and try mouthwatering traditional Peruvian food. Finally, marvel at the mesmerizing aquatic spectacle at the Magic Water Circuit, a Guinness World Record holder for the world’s tallest water fountain park!  All-inclusive Food Tour!

Lima food and art tour

Intrigued? Join us on an adventure to the Magic Water Circuit in Lima. Don’t miss the chance to experience 3 great activities (food, art & fun) in a five-hour tour in Lima. The perfect tour for foodies, art lovers, and history buffs!

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