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Peruvian Cuisine: Why Peru has tasty food?

mayo 20, 2023

Year by year Peruvian cuisine is becoming more famous around the world. For example, Peru has won the category of the World’s Leading Culinary Destination for ten years; consecutively from 2012 to 2019 and then in 2021 and 2022 by The World Travels Award. This makes us so proud so we think that is so important to share with you some of the reasons why Peru has tasty food.

Peru’s geography is the perfect environment for our tasty products

Let’s start by explaining the geographic aspects, Peru is divided into 3 regions: The Coast 11% of the territory, the Andes (30%), and the Amazon (59%). Also, of the 32 existing climates in the world, Peru has 27. Thanks to this we have such a blessed place where we can produce thousands of native potatoes, chili peppers, corn, quinoa, exotic fruits, and more. Besides that, National Geographic confirms this info saying: “Peru is famous for its rich and complex biodiversity because of its diversity of climates and rugged terrain”. For some of these reasons, Peru is one of the 17 megadiverse countries in the world. So, we can say that Peru has tasty food because here we can have fresh and diverse products for cooking.

Peruvian Food

Exploring the Culinary Evolution of Peruvian Tasty Food

Now let’s talk about the experience developed in our territory for the ancient Peruvians. It’s important to point out that the role of a society affects the production and domestication of their products. Peru had many cultures, the last one was the Inkas but before we had so many which helped to develop different techniques and ingredients such as potatoes, maca root, fruits, etc. So, when the Spanish conquest came to Peru started the fusion of dishes and new ways of preparing food. The results are tastes and bites from different influences. Also, we had influences from Asian, European, African, and more. Besides that,  we had Peruvian ancient cultures like Caral, the most ancient civilization in the Americas, and Peru at 5,000 years old. Caral was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage. So, since those times we have been developing our tasty food.

Peruvian culinary

Long story short, some of the reasons why Peruvian cuisine is so delicious? it’s because of our great geography, the labor of the ancient Peruvian cultures, and the influences after the Spanish conquest. All this gives us such diversity which we reflect in our food, here in Peru we have 491 typical native dishes which made it possible to win the Guinness World Record award in 2007.

It’s important for us to share this info because our purpose as a 100% Peruvian company is to promote our food, live culture, and history 🙂 so to understand better Peruvian food you have to try it and our food tours in Lima are perfect for you, Lima Just For Foodies is one of the best for a great introduction and experience of traditional Peruvian food.

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