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Lima Local Market: Why should I visit a local market in Peru?

Lima Food Places

We strongly believe that visiting local markets during your trips gives you so much insight and perspective into the culture, society, and lifestyle of the place visited, also we think that in the local market is where an average tourist becomes a traveler 🙂 so keep reading and discover authentic experiences, exotic products, and hidden gems that a Lima Local Market offers you.

visit a local market in Peru

A Lima market provides the experience of live culture moments because in here is where you can be part of the local scene, interact with locals, practice your language skills with some phrases in Spanish, discover the true colors of Peruvian food and products, contemplate the daily life of Peruvians, seeing what they eat, how they dress, how they relate to each other. Also, you’ll find out that a local market in Lima is sociable because it is more than just a place where you can buy stuff, for us a local market is the place where we can talk with vendors about recipes, products, about their day, and vice versa. Those experiences you just find in Lima’s local markets 🙂 so if you’re looking for an authentic cultural insight in Lima a local market will give it.

Peruvian food and products

For a better understanding, we suggest that you will take more advantage of the local market if you take a tour there because you’ll know the history and importance of the products and food you’re seeing so if you would like to have an amazing experience and try Peruvian tasty food you’re in the right place. In most of our tours, we include visits to Lima markets because it’s part of our essence. Here are some options: Lima Market Food Tour; Local Market & Peruvian Cooking Class; Lima Just For Foodies.

What to do in Lima for a day

Visit the off-tourist track local market for an experience like a Peruvian.


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