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Lima Street food: Why should I taste street food in Lima?

Lima’s streets food are a sensory feast, brimming with vibrant hues and tantalizing smells. The bustling street food scene serves up an array of mouthwatering culinary treasures, including picarones (Peruvian donnuts), anticuchos (Peruvian heart beef brochettes), mazamorra morada (purple porridge), papa rellena (Peruvian stuffed potato), and more. With affordable prices, anyone can indulge in these delights at every corner of the city, from tourist hotspots to humble local stands. Keep reading and see the options in Lima street food.

Emoliente Lima street food

First let’s mention that street food in Lima is part of our culture, actually is Peru’s culture. Since colonial times street food was so popular, back in those times Pancho Fierro, a Peruvian painter who through his famous watercolor, reflected the life and customs of Lima at the beginning of the 19th century. He immortalized people selling food in the streets such as “ la picaronera” (the miss who sells “picarones”); “Pescaufritera” (the miss who sells fried fish). With this context you can understands better that street food for us it’s part of our identity, it’s part of our culture and traditions. So if you’d love to have a genuine and authentic experience in Lima you have to go and taste street food as a local in Lima 🙂

taste street food in Lima

You can enjoy and taste Lima street food at the afternoon and the evening, also remember that street food promotes entrepreneurship and spending locally. By choosing a street food vendor you are helping small business owners grow 🙂 so thanks in advance to  buy local stuff during your trip.

Lima Street food

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